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Online Session Drummer

Online remote recording studio session drumming services.  I will record drums for your song or project in most genres or styles.  Clients simply send the the original track and, using my home studio, I lay down tracks and send them back. 

  • I use primarily Logic Pro but have other plug ins and software to assist as needed. 

  • I use very high quality microphones for my drums.  I have the following:

    • 2 C214s​ for overheads

    • Several SM57's for snare top/bottom, Toms

    • WA-251 and D112 for Bass Drum and other room mics as appropriate

  • I am primarily a DW, Zildjian, and Vic Firth artist.  However, I also have a black beauty I mostly record with.  I have many snares to choose from based on what the song calls for. 

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